Missie ziekenhuis Hermana Lembean


The mission hospital Hermana was founded at Lembean, a small village near Menado in the northern region of Sulawesi, the Minahassa. The establishment took place in 1940 by the Sisters of Jesus, Mary, Joseph (JMJ) at s’ Hertogenbosch. (See Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 95).

From the KITLV-inventory 138 (H 1422 Collection Thomas Cool) a plan of extension of the facilities was made up in 1950 for  the hospital Hermana at Lembean.

The Dutch Missionary Activities, 168-170.Interview 221. KMM (KomMissieMemoires or Commission Mission Memories) published an oral history of Roman Catholic missionaries. KMM file nr. 470 of A.J.M. Schats tells about a sister who lived and worked in the northern part of Sulawesi. Sister Paula worked from 1938 about 40 years in health care of the diocese Manado. Most of the time her activities were with the hospital of Tomohon. She tells of the sister community, the patients (most poor people), the hospital bill for whom could afford to pay hospital costs, and about the diseases and the medical and religious education of the nurses, about the relation with diocese and government, extensions of buildings and facilities. In 1972 she was transferred to a small hospital at Langoan. She became managing sister of this hospital.