Missie ziekenhuis Onder de Bogen Yogyakarta


The Mission hospital Onder de Bogen was opened on 14 September 1929 at Yogyakarta, situated in the princedoms  of the southern part of Central Java. The Congregation  Liefdezusters Borromeus, Maastricht took care of its organization and management.

From website Tropenmuseum: The hospital ‘Onder de Bogen’ in Yogyakarta was solemnly inaugurated on saturday 24 August 1929 by the bishop of Aezani, mgr. A.P.F. van Velsen. De official opening took place on 14 September 1929. The building was designed by the architect F.J.L. Ghijsels and founded by the Roman Catholic congregation in Maastricht: The Charity Sisters of the Holy Carolus Borromeus, alias ”Zusters Onder de Bogen’. The picture is one of a series: published in 1930 (60046492),as may be deduced from the calender that shows the date May 1930. See    Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 94. Dutch Missionary Activities, 159-161.