Missie ziekenhuis Pamangkat (West Borneo)

This hospital was established in 1933 at Pamangkat in Kalimantan Barat by the roman-catholic congregation Sisters Franciscanessen of Etten.

See Jan Willemsen,”van tentoonstelling naar wereldorganisatie”,94. Dutch Missionary

Activities, 118-120. Interview 80 M.P. Graumans, KMM file 183, Zuster Aline worked from1936 tot 1963 in maternity nursing and outpatient care at Sambas, at present the bishopry of Pontianak. As nurse she found difficulties working in a teaching congregation. She missed the opportunity to follow courses in maternity, which she felt necessary while acting in that branch. She cared for many persons, while the capacity of the hospital and outpatient department grew constantly. She had to treat diseases of many kind (framboesia, malaria, tetanus). In the interview she told about the primitive ways of helping, the lack of hygiene and about the different groups of population (Malays< Chinese, Dayaks, Madurese), each with their own kind of adat, nature, religious convictions, festivities, etc. She often baptized children while pretending to serve medicines.