Missie ziekenhuis Sint Antonius Pontianak

The mission hospital Saint Antonius was a general hospital that was founded in 1929 by the Roman Catholic congregation Franciscan Sisters of Veghel (SFIC).

See Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, 94.

See also: Dutch Missionary Activities, 121-122. Oral history project. Interview nr. 89 (KMM file nr.370) with sister Philomenia (J.P.M. van Mil)  who was a nurse in Pontianak from 1933-1973 and interview nr. 90 (KMM file nr. 492) with sister Alena (C.W. Slits) nurse and directrice of the hospitals at Singkawang and at Pontianak. She was stationed in Pontianak from 1924-1968.

Pontianak was a department and autonomous landscape with a capital of the same name, part of the Residency of Westerafdeeling  Borneo. The capital is situated in an area that is directly ruled by the sultan. The name is derived from the great number of children ghosts (pontianaks) that spooked around. It is an important commercial town with 45,000 inhabitants, of whom 538 Europeans and 15,000 Chinese, situated where the Soengai Landak flows into the Soengai Kapoeas (Gonggryp 1934, 1185).