Missie ziekenhuis Sint Borromeus

The Missionary Hospital Saint Borromeus was founded in 1921 by the Roman Catholic congregation Liefdezusters Borromeus (Charity Sisters Borromeus) from Maastricht. The hospital was situated in the northern quarters of the town of Bandung, near the Dagoweg.

See Jan Willemsen, Van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie, p.94 and Dutch Missionary Activities, p. 160, interview 194, W.C. Leijser. KMM KomMissieMemoires 339: Zuster Damienne was employed from 1950 to 1976 in two large Roman Catholic hospitals, in Bandung (St. Borromeus) and Jakarta (Sint Carolus). The mission  sister mentions difficulties between hospital and government and efforts to make the hospital financially independant.