Missie ziekenhuis Sint Elisabeth Medan

Kouwenaar: To care for patients that have rather sufficient means, there are two hospitals at Medan: the so-called “Ziekenverpleging” that has existed for quite some time and the hospital Sint Elisabeth that was opened in 1931. Both these hospitals are well equipped.

Consult Jan Willemsen, “van tentoonstelling tot wereldorganisatie”, 94, Dutch MissionaryActivities, 117-118. Appolonia Bierman (sister Constance) has been interviewed (KMM 39). She mentions to have worked from 1928 to 1975 in Sumatera, most of the time in the hospital at Medan. C.G. Scheen (sister Beatrix) too was working in the catholic hospital of Medan from 1939 to 1971 (KMM 472) . The Medan hospital belonged to their congregation: the Franciscanessen. It was comfortably equipped, the rooms of the sisters were also well equipped: most of the patients came from well to do European and Chinese families. It did not seem to equal the proper mission work. That just started after the war. Another testimony (KMM 582) came from A.M. Walraven (sister Isfrida) who worked in Sumatera from 1931 till 1965. The hospital at Medan had just started by her congregation, when she arrived in Indonesia. Though the conditions felt European, she experienced her work as real mission work. She told about the facts of life in the hospital and about the extensions supported by the Netherlands. She started her own training about 1954.