Zendings ziekenhuis Gunung Sitoli

The Mission hospital at Gunung Sitoli was probably founded as a Government Civil Hosital (see under Public Hospitals).

As a consequence of the decentralization policy of the NI Government, all GBZs had been closed by 1937, but in Goenoeng Sitoli a missionary hospital of the Rheinische Mission Gesellschaft filled in the gap. The GBZ must have been taken over by 1935.

There is a report of a voyage by the Governor-General A.W.L. Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer, who visited the Mission hospital at Gunung Sitoli on 16 March 1940 and who met the mission  doctors Thomson (man and wife) and the Ephorus of the Rheinische Mission on Nias, Luck together with the health officer Noordhoek Hegt.

Goenoeng Sitoli was the main administrative seat of the department Nias of the Residency Tapanoeli, on the West Coast of Sumatra (Gonggryp 1934, 369).

See also General hospitals 1940-Google for the exact location of the hospital.

Nowadays (2022) the hospital at Gunung Sitoli is called Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Dr. M. Thomsen. It is a category C hospital (registration code: 1201016) with 234 beds. The website of the hospital is: http://www.rsud.niaskab.go.id. From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbrev.):

The Gunungsitoli Regional General Hospital, Nias Regency, is domiciled in the Province of North Sumatra, which is located on Jalan dr. Ciptomangunkusumo No. 15 Gunungsitoli which operates based on the Decree of the Regent of Nias Number 445/168/K/2015 dated 30 March 2015 concerning the Operational Permit for the Gunungsitoli Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in Nias Regency with a Class C hospital type based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK. 02.03/I/0348/2013 dated 19 February 2013. The number of beds in Gunungsitoli Hospital is 257 TT based on the Decree of the Director of Gunungsitoli Hospital Number 445/82/K/RS/2018 dated 11 January 2018 regarding determining the number of beds in Gunungsitoli Hospital, Nias Regency .

Gunungsitoli Hospital was founded in 1963 by VEM (Vereinigte Evangelische Mission) a religious organization from Germany in collaboration with the BNKP Church. The Gunungsitoli Regional General Hospital was first established on Jalan Yos Sudarso Gunungsitoli, with a building construction made of wood and known by the people of Nias as the Old Hospital.

At that time the Gunungsitoli Regional General Hospital was served by dr. Thomsen and assisted by his wife who also works as a doctor and several nurses who carry out all medical procedures needed by the community, including general surgery, eye surgery, bone surgery, ENT and others. These activities could be carried out because the hospital was equipped with quite sophisticated equipment at that time, such as having X-Ray nurses and complete instruments, all of which were grants from Germany.

Due to the increasing demands of the community's need for health services, the location of this health service was moved to the current location of the hospital, on Jalan dr. Cipotomangunkusumo No. 15 Gunungsitoli. This semi-permanent building was built with materials directly imported from Germany. Some of the service units built include the Polyclinic, Operating Room, PIH (Mother and Child Polyclinic), Pharmacy, Laboratory, Inpatient Room (consisting of Male Sal, Female Sal and Delivery Sal), Isolation Room (especially for infectious diseases) and followed by a permanent building for office development. In 1965 the BNKP was no longer able to continue the hospital's activities so that the Gunungsitoli Hospital was handed over to the Regional Government of Nias Regency.