Mission hospital Kendal Payak

The mission hospital at Kendal Paijak  (Residency of Pasuruan) was initially a hospital for indigenous patients that had been established by private funding. From 1899 this institution received some  subsidy ( f 600 per year) from the NI Government, as the missionary teacher was considered to possess sufficient medical know-how to perform minor treatments. The condition was that the first-ranking officer of health supervised this institution. In 1898 about 30 to 50 indigenous patients visited the hospital. In 1900 the Government provided a dokter djawa for this hospital and provided medicine for free (See Koloniale Verslagen 1898,1899 and 1900). The Koloniaal Verslag 1901 reports that the hospital at Kendal Paijak will be transferred to Swaru, near Malang. The new hospital will receive the subsidy of f 600 per year and may count on the services of a government paid dokter djawa, The information on this new establishment may be found under the heading mission hospital Soekoen. Both hospitals were initiatives of the Nederlandsch Zendingsgenootschap at Rotterdam. The private funding came from planters from the Malang environment. See Regeeringsalmanak 1900, pag. 413. Manager was at that time J. Kreemer. Themission took over the hospital from the Plantersvereeniging Malang, which took care of its exploitation from 1897 to 1900.