Protestants ziekenhuis Amoerang

The Protestant hospital of Amoerang was founded by the local church organization in 1931. Its management was entrusted to the Hulpprediker (Auxiliary clergyman) of Amoerang. The hospital had an indigenous doctor (Inlandse arts) and disposed of free medicine. Its capacity was 12 beds. With the decision of the Chief DVG of 20 December 1935 the town was renewed designated as a  standplaats (medical post) of a Gouvernements Indisch arts (Government appointed indigenous doctor). Amoerang again became a medical resort(Decision DVG 38542/I). This information was obtained from a Memorie van Overdracht (Memorandum of transfer of Office) of the departing Resident about 1940.

Amoerang was the main town of the sub department Amoerang of the Residency Manado. It was part of the Minahasa region in the northern part of Celebes (Gonggryp 1934, 27).