Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sorogedoeg Wanoedjojo

This auxiliary  hospital was established in 1926 by the Zending Gereformeerde Kerken at SorogedoegWanoedjojo (Java Tengah).

From: Jubileumboek Petronella (1896-1936), pag. 50:

In 1926 the auxiliary mission hospital Sorogedoeg-Wanoedjojo was opened by the Klatensche Cultuur Maatschappij. The double name may be explained by the fact that two tobacco companies of the Klatensche Cultuur Maatschappij guaranteed the budget of this hospital. The auxiliary hospital does not benefit from government subsidies.
The nicely built complex belongs to the most well-built auxiliary hospitals, together with Tjebongan. As a consequence of bad outcome of the tobacco cultures the Wanoedjojo company was closed and the admission of patients had to be stopped.  The outpatient department remained open and there was some hope that the hospital might be reopened as soon as the tobacco culture would again prosper. One mantri nurse looks after the daily upkeep of the outpatient department.