Zendings hulpziekenhuis Kedungpenjalin

The mission hospital at Kedoengpendjalin (Semarang) was founded by the Salatiga mission about 1900. From 1907 H. Bervoets, the missionary doctor,who at first had been assigned to the mission hospital at Mojowarno, was working in this hospital and also in the hospitals of Kelet, Donorejo and Mergareja, north of Pati, east of Japara in the northern part of Central Java, all three established by the The Baptist mission organization. Dr. Bervoets started an association of friends to find funding for the establishment of a hospital at Japara. He succeeded in funding this hospital, but left the Doopsgezinde Zendingsvereniging in 1918 to join a moslim hospital at Pati.(Resources.huygens.knaw.nl/ repertoriumzendingmissie/gids/organisatie/942476548)

The hospital at Kedoeng Pendjalin received subsidy from the NI Government as 2nd class hospital (26-75 beds) from 1906 in accordance with the regulations of NI Staatsblad no. 276. The Regeeringsalmanak 1942 mentions the  hospital asa subsidized private hospital.