Zendings hulpziekenhuis Pajeti

The auxiliary mission hospital at Pajeti (East-Sumba) was founded by the Zending Gereformeerde kerken in 1910.  It was supervised by a fully trained European nurse and was sponsored by the Gereformeerde Kerk van Rotterdam and the Church of Southern Holland.

From the annual report 1924 by the head nurse D.H. Krijger: The male personnel has 1 married European nurse, 15 Indigenous nurses (3 with diplome:Keboeboe, Mada and Soleman) The first two  function as head nurses. The female staff consists of 1 European nurse, 6 pupils. Mina,the oldest is a good employee, but she also needs more training. A full-size nursing training is in preparation.

Outpatient care: 15,635 patients of whom 2,618 new patients. Average number of visits: 42 per day.Prescriptions: 2,661. Neo salversan injections: 690.

The number of inpatients  was on average 82 per day. Admitted: 775 patients with 29,690 nursing days. Thenumber of female inpatients was 176. Deceased 16 patients. 7  deliveries took place.  Patients of various nationality and origin: Europeans, Sumbanese, Savunese, Arabs, Chinese, Ambonese, Javanese and Timorese.

Diseases: Framboesia, malaria (Tropica, tertiana enz.), Filaria, Contagious diseases, Dysenteria, Enteritis, Leprosy, Small-pox, Lues, Eye diseases (Conjunctivitis, trachoom and other eye diseases).

Gereformeerde Zending op Sumba 1859-1972 ,Document 108: Pajeti is situated half an hour from the port town Waingapoe. Payeti is one of the busiest points on Sumba. There is much traffic because of the hospital and many  schools. Payeti is the centre of the large roads from East Sumba and Tabundung.