Zendings Hulpziekenhuis Patalan

From the Jubileumboek (1896-1936) of the Petronella hospital (pag. 47): The auxiliary hospital “Patalan” was built in 1914 as well,  in cooperation with the Culture company “De Vorstenlanden” (sugar factory Barongan), the Klatensche Culture Company (sugar factory Poendoeng) and the international Crediet en Handelsvereeniging “Rotterdam” (sugar factory Bantool). In 1936  the building looks well maintained. Since 1935 a midwife resides in the hospital. As there are no means of transport in the neighbourhood to rent , the hospital bought a cart with horse to enable the midwife to expand the area of service. The number of deliveries is rising and is on average 6-8 per month. A head nurse is present as well as a second nurse and a midwife  who also serves as a nurse as long as the midwifery permits. The auxiliary hospital receives subsidy from the Government addressed to the manager of sugar factory Barongan. In 1918 this subsidy amounted to f 480 for personnel and f 1,500 for nursing care and f 590 for maintenance of buildings and equipment. The hospital is auxiliary, because there is no medical doctor resident inthe hospital. The auxiliary hospital is grouped in category II: 25-75 beds.

Dr. Pruys, medical director of the Petronella hospital (1906-1918), founded auxiliary hospitals in cooperation with the sugar industry. As such may be mentioned the one at Patalan that was established in cooperation with the Klatensche Cultuur Maatschappij “De Vorstenlanden” and Internatio.