Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sanden

The auxiliary hospital Sanden was situated in the Princedom of Yogyakarta and was serviced by the central hospita, the Petronella hospital at Yogyakarta.It was founded in 1924 by the missionary organization, emanating from the Gereformeerde Kerken.

From jubileumbook Petronella (1896-1936), p. 49: This auxiliary hospital was built by the Sultanate  and was opened by the Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII. It is situated in the southern part of the region and many patients are suffering from malaria. The hospital has no NI Government subsidy and is financed entirely by the Sultanate. Daily management is provided by the head nurse. The auxiliary hospital is visited once a week by one of the doctors of the main hopital, as is the case with all auxiliary hospitals. The building is well maintained.

Yogyakarta is a selfruling Sultanate, Residency and Regency all with the same name. Its surface is 3,100 km2 andit comprises the Sultanate Yogyakarta and the territory of the Prince Pakoe Alam. Together with the Solocountries they form the selfruling Princedoms.  Sanden is situated in one of the three regencies within the Sultanate. (Gonggryp 11934, 602).