Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sewu Galoor

The auxiliary mission hospital Sewu Galoor was founded in 1922 by the Sugar Factory Sewoe Galoor, which was situated 23 km Southwest of Yogyakarta (See Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indie, p. 300).  The Culture Company with the same name cultivated sugar, but stopped its operation about 1934/1935. The hospital was supervised by the Petronella hospital.

From: Jubileumboek Petronella (1896-1936), pages 47-48. In 1922  this auxiliary hospital was founded by the Cultuurmaatschappij “De Vorstenlanden”. It is situated near the sugar factory with the same name in the southern part of the Regency Koelon Progo. The nearness of the sea and thebrackish water induces much malaria. The hospital was built initially in a way that no mosquitos couldenter, but the results were disappointing as the population did not understand the necessity of closing of windows and doors. Besides the wire gauze of the insect screens was affected by the salty seawind.

By the regional Government doctor L. Gonggryp plans are prepared to cleansen water pools and lessen the plague of mosquitos. The building is well maintained (1936) and has a peculiar form that is very efficient. At the end of the V the waiting pendoppo is situated and behind it the pharmacy. Both legs of the V-form are composed of nursing departments, one for men and one for women, separated by a wall. The outpatient clinic is very busy as a consequence of the endemic malaria. The number of admitted patients is about 50. The medical care is entrusted to the Indisch arts of the Petronella hospital, who is stationed at Wates. There is a head nurse and a second mantri-nurse and a pupil nurse.

The hospital receives subsidy from the NI Government: In 1929 (Koloniaal Verslag 1930, Annex O-XI): f 1,800 for personnel and f 3,860 for other expenditure.