Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sifaoroasi

The auxiliary mission hospital at Sifaoroasi (Pulau Nias) was a general hospital that was founded in 1914 by the Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft at Barmen. It was established on the Western coast of the island Nias.

The hospital received subsidy from the NI Government based on the regulations of Staatsblad voor Nederlandsch Indie 1928 no.540.

The island of Nias is a department of the Residency of Tapanuli with an assistant-resident stationed at Gunung Sitoli. The department has 200,000 inhabitants, of whom 80 Europeans and 1,400 Chinese. The population originates from India and is mixed with other colonisations. Before the NI Government occupied the island (in 1840 the first permanent settlement was established at Goenoeng Sitoli) , the people were often taken away by slave raids from Aceh.