Zendings Hulpziekenhuis Sihorbobarus

The auxiliary mission hospital at Sihorbobarus was situated in the Tapanuli Residency , West of the Toba Lake on the coast. In the subsidy regulations it is judged to belong to Sumatra’s Westcoast. Nowadays it is part of the provincee of Northern Sumatra. The hospital serves the Batak population. The first subsidy was accorded in 1914: for initial investments: f 2965 (buildings) and f 1,000 (Equipment). The hospital was grouped in category 1, which means a small hospital of 10-25 beds.

See Koloniaal Verslag 1930, Annex O-XI: subsidy for personnel f 720 and for other expenditure f 1,051 (Subsidy Regulations as laid down in the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch Indie 1906 no. 276.