Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sipirok

In 1861 the first missionaries of the Rheinische Misssions Gesellschaft from Barmen arrive in Sipirok, being expelled from Borneo where a rebellion was taking place. Their work among the Bataks is successful and they manage to occupy the Silindung valley as early as 1874. The auxiliary hospital at Sipirok will have been founded about 1914, as the Subsidy surveys for that year mention it for the first time as a category I (10-25 beds) hospital (Koloniaal Verslag 1915, Annex  U-XII,20).

Sipirok is a subdepartment of the department Padangsidimpoean, which is situated in the Residency Tapanuli. The main town Padangsidempuan has 5,900 inhabitants, of whom 40 Europeans and 437 Chinese. The town is situated 500 meter high on the road from Padang to Medan. Sipriok is located to the Northeast of Padangsidempuan on the road towards Tarutung (Gonggryp 1934, 1095).

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