Zendings hulpziekenhuis Sitorang

The auxiliary mission hospital at Sitorang is a general hospital that was founded by the Rheinische Missions Gesellschaft from Barmen in 1914 or some time before. It worked among the Batak people and was first mentioned in the subsidy survey of 1915 as a category I hospital (10 – 25 beds). See also Koloniaal Verslag 1930 Annex O-XI, which mentions a subsidy for personnel of this hospital of f 2,580 and of f 1,008 for other expenditure  (Subsidy Regulations cf. Staatsblad van Nederlandsch Indie 1906, no. 276.

The Regeeringsalmanak 1942 Grondgebied en Bevolking, p. 312 mentions it still as one of the hospitals enjoying subsidy, together with other Batak hospitals, such as Sipirok, Sihorbo-baroes and Sifaoroasi.

Sitorang is situated on the southeast corner of the Toba Lake. Toba is a subdepartment of the department Bataklanden, Residency Tapanuli with a controller at Balige, the main town of the subdepartment. Toba as subdepartment has 135,000 inhabitants, of whom 100 Europeans and 170 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1422).