Zendings lepraziekenhuis Jongaya

From: ‘Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Zending op Zuid-Sulawesi 1852-1966‘, 18: ‘After the war different Dutch medical doctors worked in Labuang Baji and a few other health facilities in Makassar, among which a leprosy facility at Jongaya, a kampung not far from Labuang Baji.

Hasibuan, Y, Blog on Leprosy Inventory (2014): ‘The Jongaya leprosy settlement nowadays is situated inside Makassar, bordered by the hospital Haji, a channel, and other neighbourhoods. When it was founded in 1936, this side was still at the outskirts of a much smaller Makassar, excluded from town, together with the rubbish dump and the jail. The land was donated by some members of the local nobility of Gowa (Karaeng Bontobiraeng) to the Dutch Foundation for the Elimination  of Leprosy. In the beginning the locality was consisting of the settlement with 25 wooden houses, and a ward at  the sside of the later Leprosy Hospital next to the sttlement. In the 1960s the leprosy hospital was built by a Dutch/Indonesian Leprosy Foundation and in 1980/81 it was handed over to the Indonesian Government.The leprosy hospital was closed in the beginning of the 1990s, completely rebuilt, and in 1992 opened as the general hospital Haji.’