Zendings Oogziekenhuis Krawang

The mission Eye clinic at Krawang (West-Java) was founded by the Nederlandse Zendingsvereeniging at Rotterdam. The Indisch Verslag 1938 mentions this clinic under the heading Trachoombestrijding (p. 389): In Krawang the Mission opened an Eye Clinic that was visited by the Head Assistant of the Ophthalmologic Department of the Central Civil Hospital at Batavia twice a month to perform major operations. The Missionary Association paid for this assistance. The doctor in charge of the Eye Clinic and the Regency Indian doctor at Tangerang also performed eye surgery. See also the category Mission hospitals.

Krawang was a Regency of the Residency Batavia in the province of West java. The Regency had more than 1 million inhabitants,of whom 1,000 Europeans and 12,000 Chinese. A large part of this region is occupied by the vast private lands of Tegalwaru, Pamanukan and Tjiasem. The first have a collective areal of 86,000 bouws, as the last two together had almost 100,000 bouws (1 bouw = 0.7 ha). The last two joint lands are owned by a British company. (gonggryp 1934, 706).