Zendings ziekenhuis Bethesda Tomohon

The Protestant hospital Bethesda started life as an auxiliary hospital at Tomohon (Minahassa). From 1917 it was accepted as a regular hospital and received a start subsidy of f 2,700 for buildings and of f 1,000 for equipment. Owner was the Minahassan Protestant Church.

From: PDF Ziekenhuizen Minahassa ca. 1940, pag. 125: The establishment was opened in 1929, though there was no medical doctor present. The Government Indian doctor of Tondano had been posted for free in the hospital.  Being subsidized as a hospital while not  having a doctor on location was irregular, but had been decided because of the bad financial condition of the hospital. Therefore the hospital received f 0.25 per nursing day. In 1933 the Minahassa church appointed an Indisch Arts for whom no additional subsidy was obtained. By Decision of the Head of the Dienst VolksGezondheid (DVG) of 21 December 1936 no. 3859/I a Gouvernements Indisch Arts was available who acted as hospital chief. The bed capacity had been expande successively from 48 to 104 beds.

Supervision: the auxiliary pastor of Tondano.