Zendings ziekenhuis Cisarua


The mission hospital Tjisaroea was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Missionary Association* about 1918. One of the founding physicians was Ray Perkins, MD, who was a Methodist missionary doctor, sent to Tjisaroea (now: Cisarua). He was from Malone, NY, a town just a few miles from the Canadian border. **

According to Annex  Q-11 of the Koloniaal Verslag 1919 the hospital received in 1919 a foundations subsidy of f 23,248 and a subsidiy for European personnel of f 5,100. Additional subsidies of f 7,000 were given for indigenous personnel and maintenance. The hospital was categorized as a class II (26-75 beds).

Cisarua (Tjisaroea) was situated north of Bandung and was a township and subdistrict of the Regency and Residency of Bogor (Buitenzorg) (Gonggryp 1934, 536).

*The Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Northern America had missionary stations In the Residencies Batavia, Western Borneo and Banka. In the Regeeringsalmanak deel II 1918 there is a mentioning of the missionary station Tjisaroea Zuid with Rev R.G. Perkins MD as responsible missionary.

** According to a letter, dated February, 22, 1914, found by his grandson Mark Turner.