Zendings ziekenhuis Kabanjahe


The mission hospital of Kabanjahe was founded in 1921 by the NI Government together with a plantation association in favour of the Batak population.  It was a general hospital that was transferred to the Nederlands Zendingsgenootschap in 1934 because of the economic depression. See image collection KITLV no. 404504.

In the Koloniaal Verslag 1930 the hospital is reported to receive f  8,440 subsidy for personnel and f 9,658 for other expenditure. From Memorie van Overgave (Memory of Transfer of Office): Since November 1935  the new modern hospital was opened. It had the reputation to be a well-equipped hospital.

See Grote Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost Indie for location Netherlands Mission Hospital, pag. 102.

Kabandjahe was the capital of the subdepartment Karolanden , Department Simeloengoen and Karolanden, Government Eastcoast Sumatra. The town is situated that high that is is characterized by a cool climate and is much visited by tourists and recovering patients (Gonggryp 1934, 604).