Zendings ziekenhuis Kelet



The mission hospital Donorejo (Gift of the King) was a general hospital that was estaablished by the Baptist missionary society at Kelet in the neighbourhood of Pati, Central Java in 1914. The picture was provided by the image collection of the KITLV of 1928, signature 94426. The picture was taken on 8 September 1928.

From Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie (GTNI 1939) 79, 2096: “Shadow and light were replacing each other. We had relied  on the support of Simavi in  building a doctor’s house, but this did not occur. Still, the house was built. The European nurse was taken off duty by repeated illness. There was much poverty among the Javanese population,especially in Juwana. As a result a lot of beggars and vagabonds were aiming at being admitted to the hospital. Therefore, the number of admittances rose to more than 2,000 for the first time in the hospital’s history. The most important diseases were malaria, yaws, ulcers, tuberculosis and venereal diseases. A few cases of black water fever, hunger oedemia, poisoning and snake bites, as well as amoebiasis and typhoid fever.

Admitted were in 1939 1,853 javanese,158 Chinese and 6 Europeans. The number of nursing days amounted to 59,437 with an average bed occupancy of 163. Leprosy patients were admitted too: 114 with 11,432 nursing days. 262 child deliveries were performed. Total expenditure f 50,086. Costs per nursing day f 0.84. Negative balance f 5,413. From Koloniaal Verslag 1915, Annex U: the hospital received subsidy for European personnel f 4,220,for indigenous personnel f 1,800, for running costs f 5,000 and for buildings and equipment; f 2,830. A year before,when  the hospital was started, it received in addition f 44,000 for building and f 6,300 for equipment investments. The hospital was initially arranged in category III (76-120 beds). Later on it moved to category IV: 120-170 beds.