Zendings ziekenhuis Magelang

This general mission hospital was founded by the Gereformeerde Zending, which worked in the southern part of Central Jawa and on the island of Sumba. The hospital was established at Magelang in 1931. The opening took place on 27 May 1932, when Dr. G.J. Dreckmeier was the first female medical director. The hospital was  preceded by a GBZ (Government Civil Hospital) that had been closed in 1924.

The NGZV founded this hospital, but received no subsidy from the NI Government, because of the history of the GBZ in the same town. The mission hospital was sponsored by the Church of Middelburg and by churches of the southern provinces of the Netherlands.

C.G.F. de Jong, De Gereformeerde Zending in Midden-Java (Document 6, Merkelijn): After the GBZ at Magelang had been taken over without any government subsidy, later on  this changed. The income came from subsidy, tariffs, gifts and contracts (together in 1937: f 15,000), whereas the sponsoring from the Netherlands procured a same amount. The inpatient admissions in that year were about 30,000 nursing days. Also 17,000 outpatient visits had to be covered from this budget. 1 patientday costed f 0.96.

The Regency of Magelang had almost 626,000 inhabitants,of whom 4,500 Europeans and more than 8,000 Chinese. In the regency lies the Boroboedoer. Important is the cultivation of tobacco (Gonggryp 1934, 790).

Nowadays the hospital is called Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Tidar Magelang. It is classified as a category B hospital (registration code: 3371014) with 193 beds. The hospital is situated on Jalan Tidar no. 30A, Kemirirejo, kota Magelang (Jawa Tengah).
The coordinates are: -7.48 and 110.21. See paragraph Actual, Public general hospitals (umum) for more details.