Zendings ziekenhuis Mardi Usodo Pati

The Mardi Usodo hospital at Pati:  in this town a hospital was built by the local sugar company and a GBZ, a Government Civil Hospital (see Regeeringsalmanak 1930, p. 413). The company hospital will have been closed, when the company went broke in 1937. Maybe the mission took over. Not much information is available. It was only mentionede that the missionary doctor F. Veldstra was working in this hospital from 1933-1936.

Pati was a regency with a main town of the same name. It was at the same time a districyt of the Residency Japara-Rembang in the Province of Central Java. Pati is also the capital of the Residency Djapara-Rembang. The town of Pati has 22,000 inhabitants,of whom 200 Europeaans and 2,300 Chinese. The town is sitiuated on the railroad and on the large Postroad.