Zendings ziekenhuis Pearaja

ziekenhuis-pea-radja-1910-2470Church, school and hospital of the Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft at Pearaja                               Date 1910, KITLV  imagecode 2470

The mission hospital at Pearaja (Tapanuli) was founded in 1903 by the Rheinische Mission at Barmen. The Koloniaal Verslag 1904 mentions the existenceof the hospital (p. 215). The Rheinische Mission Gesellschaftet is building a hospital with outpatient clinic in Pearaja, Westcoast Sumatra ;

Annual Report Mission Hospital at Pearadja (Taroetoeng) 1930, GTNI pag.496/7.

See Koloniaal Verslag 1930 annex O-X: subsidy personnel f 10,540; other expenditure: f 6,132.82. The hospital has an inpatient capacity of 92 beds and 10 children beds. Sincee 1929 10 beds had been added by using a nurses house. In 1931 a start will be made of total new buildings. In 1930 in the hospital worked 2 European doctors, 2 European nurses,7 indigenous nurses,16 pupulnurses and 20 additional female helpers, whoare also trained in midwifery. A studybook in Batak language is being prepared. Admitted were 1,262 men and 1,060 women patients, together 37,667 nursing days and on average 103.2 inpatients per day. In the hospital 96 children were born. In the kampung assistance was given in 52 deliveries. 449 surgical operations were made. In the hospital died 24 men and 28 female patients. Outpatient consultations were 18,147 and 8,620 new patients (88.1 patient per outpatient day and 41.8 new patients0. 358 patients were visited in their villages. There are 2 auxiliary hospitals and 3 outpatient clinics that are visited monthly.

Taroetoeng is the main town of the subdepartment Silindung, department Batak country, Residency Tapanuli. The town had a cool climate (1076m) and is situated on the autoroute Padang-Medan (Gonggryp 1934, 1392).