Zendings ziekenhuis Purwakarta

The mission hospital of Purwakarta (Krawang) was a general hospital that was opened in 1930 by the Comite voor Medische Zending op West-Java.

In the Indisch Verslag 1930, Annex O-XI a subsidy is mentioned of f 60,000 for establishment investments. For personnel a subsidy of f 7,685 and for additional expenditure f 5359,25. From 1924 steps were undertaken to incorporate the Government Civil Hospital  (GBZ) of Purwakarta, initially a so-called Stadsverband. The administrative transfer did take place, but the small hospital with few beds was converted into a large well/equipped hospital waith a capacity for a few hundred patients. The trainee nurses are being trained to diplomed mantri-nurses and in the neighbourhood district nursing is carried out from the hospital as home base. Drainage works are being planned for 1938. See Indisch Verslag 1938.

Poerwakarta is the main town of the Regency Krawang and also of the District Poerwakarta of the Residency Batavia in the province of West Java. The town is situated on the railway (Gonggryp 1934, 1178).