Zendings ziekenhuis Tondano

This hospital was established by the Minahassa Protestant Church.
From: Pdf Ziekenhuizen Minahassa ca. 1940: A Government Indisch Arts had been made available to the Minahassa Protestant Church. This functionary was responsible for the management of the Protestant Hospital of Tondano and had the supervision of the various outpatient clinics of the Minahassa Protestant Church.

In post war times the hospital expanded and got a regional status: Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Dr. Sam Ratulangi Tondano. This hospital is clasified as a category C hospital (registration code 7102014) with 127 beds. About its development the next fragments of the present hospital may clarify its recent history: (Google translated and abbreviated):

PROFILE OF REGIONAL GENERAL HOSPITAL DR. SAM RATULANGI TONDANO A. Geographical Condition of DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano is a type C hospital and occupies an area of ​​14,000 m2. The following is the basic data of RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano : a. Ownership : Local Government of Minahasa regency b. Building area : 6155 M2 c. Number of beds: 122 TT d. PLN electricity : 82.5 KVA Genset : 40 KVA e. WWTP : 50 M2 f. Boundaries - boundaries of the area: North side: housing residents of Kel. Luaan, Kec. South East Tondano: housing residents of Kel. Ranowangko, Kec. West Tondano East : Jl. Suprapto, Kel. Luaan, Kec. Tondano East To the East: Tondano River Regional General Hospital DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano is located in the Capital City of Minahasa Regency. The distance from downtown Tondano to RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano is about 1.5 km and can be reached by motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles) or traditional vehicles (bendi). RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano is a referral hospital of 21 health centers in Minahasa Regency, namely: Koya Health Center, Papakelan Health Center, Tonsea Lama Health Center, Tanawangko Health Center, Tateli Health Center, Pineleng Health Center, Tombulu Health Center, Remboken Health Center, Kakas Health Center, Wolaang Health Center, Health Center Manembo, Walanakan Health Center, Tompaso Health Center, Kawangkoan Health Center, Sonder Health Center, Tandengan Health Center, Kombi Health Center, Seretan Health Center, Lolah Health Center, Tumaratas Health Center, and West Kakas Health Center. B. History of RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano There is no detailed data regarding the origins of the establishment of RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano, but it can be described briefly, before World War II (WWII) this hospital was still under the management of the church and had private status under the name Bethesda Tondano Hospital. In 1942-1945 under Japanese rule this hospital was managed directly by the Japanese army. Then in 1945-1948 it went under the management of the Dutch government whose status was unclear. In 1949 the Level II Regional Government of Minahasa managed this hospital with no status yet and in 1978 it was established and renamed RSUD DR. Sam Ratulangi Tondano.