Zendings ziekenhuis Waikabubak

This mission hospital was founded in 1925 by the Zending Gereformeerde Kerken on West Soemba. It was sponsored by the church of  Groningen and the churches of the provinces of Groningen, Drente and Overijssel.
Dr. J.Berg was working in this hospital  since October 1925 at Waikabubak. Initially it was a very small  accomodation: two rooms of 4 x 4 meter. Bergs colleague Veldstra wrote in 1928: I was shocked when I first saw the accomodation, the cement floor was the only advantage above a simple hut. That’s why a selection had to take place among the polyclinical patients and a very severe admission policy. Gradually the number of severe diseases increased and we decided to close one of the galleries to make place for another seven patients. The nurses produced the sleeping places and my wife took care of the curtains. Nevertheless there was no place for isolation. A horse stable nearby became available and was designated for isolation.