Zendingsziekenhuis Immanuel


From: De Nederlandse Zendingsvereniging in West-Java, 1858-1963, een bronnenpublicatie by dr. Th. van den End:

The mission hospital Immanuel was founded by the Nederlandse Zendelingen Vereniging (Dutch Missionary Association). In 1901 the missionary Alkema opened a small hospital at Bandung, the main town of the Regency with the same name, situated in West Jawa.

Until 1914 the hospital was managed by the missionary J. Iken, assisted by local doctors. In 1914 the hospital appointed J.M. van Helsdingen as its first medical doctor.  In 1922 the new hospital was inaugurated. It became the largest mission hospital of Western Jawa. It was surrounded by a circle of outpatient clinics and an auxiliary hospital at  iparay, 1928. In the neighbourhood of Bandung the hospital enjoys popularity. About 1900  the hospital was established at the Kebon Djatiweg, next to the house of missionary Iken and the church of Bandung.  The missionary received support from private doctors,especially dr. Koch. From 1918 dr. W.J.L. Dake was medical superintendant.

Nowadays (2018) The hospital is known as Rumah Sakit Umum Advent Bandung and is classified in Class B. The location is Jalan Cihampelas no. 161. No. accreditation. 3273085.
The normal bed capacity is about 200 beds (VIP 81, Class 1: 32, Class 2: 38, Class 3: 59.
About 150 doctors are employed by the hospital and 330 nurses and 11 midwives and 4 pharmacists and 3 chemical analysts.