Aux. City Dressing Station Semarang

In april 1901 the auxiliary mental hospital at Semarang was closed and converted into an Auxiliary City Dressing Station (Hulpstadsverband). The NI Statutebook no. 64 of 28 January 1908 (Decision Governor-General no. 17 of 22 January 1908) regulates the staff of the Stadsverband and of the auxiliary Stadsverband. The last organization was entiteled to 1 European Dressing master at a monthly pay of f 50, besides 1 indigenous porter on f 20 monthly. The annual budget of the auxiliary dressing station mentioned: f 180 for 1 mandoer, f 240 for servants, f 120 for telephone connection and f 2952 for nursing personnel. The auxiliary dressing station (hulpstadsverband) at Semarang  was closed in the 1920s (8 september 1925).

Semarang was a Residency , regency and district in the province of Central Java. The population of the city of Semarang was 218,000 of whom 12,600 Europeans and 27,500 Chinese. Semarang was a municipality with a municipal council and a mayor (Gonggryp 1934, 1287-1288).