Auxiliary Hospital Batang

The auxiliary hospital at Batang was established in the Residency of Pekalongan (Central Java) about 1906. It was housed in a rather primitive building to administer first aid to ill and wounded patients.  The Koloniaal Verslag of 1907 mentions its existence. There are no further indications of existence. The Supplement 11446 of 30 August 1927 (Staatsblad van Nederlands Indie) mentions all public civil hospitals for that year and the Batang facility is not mentioned any more, meaning thaat it has beenclosed in the meantime

Batang used to be in the 1930s a Regency, dictrict and subdistrict of the Residency Pekalongan in the province of Central Java. Its capital had the same name (Gonggryp 1934, 110).