Central Public Hospital Semarang


The Centrale Burgerlijks Ziekeninrichting (Central Public Hospital) at Semarang originated from the former ‘Stadsverband’ and ‘Hulpstandsverband’.
In 1920 the new hospitaal was planned and a capital of f 2,115,000 was made disponible for the building and f 490,000 for the terrains. The hospital was opened on 9 September 1925.
In 1930 its capacity was on average 445 inpatients and 162,000 nursing days. Its expenditures in that year amounted to f 533,000.
The picture was obtained from the KITLV (75212).

Nowadays the hospital is known under the name Rumah Sakit di Kabupaten dan Kota Semarang.
The location of the hospital can be looked up under the heading Maps, subheading Maps hospitals 1940.

In the 1930s Semarang was a Residency and capital of the province of Central Java. It was the principal port town of that province.
The city had a municipal council and a mayor. The number of its inhabitants was 218,000, of whom 12,600 Europeans and 27,500 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1287).