City Dressing Station Semarang

Het Stadsverband (City Dressing station) at Semarang was a general public hospital for the population of the city. It was founded somewhere between 1845 and 1850 according to Schoute (p. 163).  This author mentions the work of doctor F.A.C. Waitz, who was the municipal physician between 1823 and 1846.
The image is from the Imagebank of the KITLV at Leiden (Imagecode 10355).
Eventually the hospital was replaced by one of the three central public hospitals of the Government in Java. The new CGZ (Central Government Hospital) was opened on the 8th September 1925.
See for the location of the hospitals the Map Hospitals 1940.

The city of Semarang was in the 1930s the capital of the province of Central Java. It was the mainport of the province. There was a city council with a mayor. The number of inhabitants was 218,000.,of whom almost 12,600 Europeans and 27,500 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1287).