GBZ Jember

The Koloniaal Verslag 1907 mentions that the new hospital at Djember (Besoeki) was completed and had been opened in 1906. The annual Report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909 mentions the hospital had become popular with the indigenous population. Many patients were suffering from malaria-cachexia and anaemia and enlargement of the spleen. No health statistics had been held in that year.

The Supplement of the Staatsblad van Nederlands Indie (NI Statutebook) of 27 August 1927, no. 11446 arranges this hospital among the smallest with only treatment according to nursing class 4 (nursing tariff f 1.50).

The Regeeringsalmanak of succeeding years in the 1920s mentions the existence of the Djembersche Kliniek at Djember. In 1928 is the medical director H. Kwijne and the President J.W. Folkertsma.

Djember was in the 1930s a regency, district and subdistrict of the Residency Bezoeki in the province of East Java.  Besuki was a Residency of the Province of East Java with as capital city Bondowoso. The Residency had 2,081,867 inhabitants and was situated south of the Street Madoera, near Street Bali. The inhabitants were Madoerese with the exception of Banjoewangi, where Javanese and Balinese lived. In Bondowoso and Djember sugar and tobacco were cultivated. (Gonggryp 1934, 135).