GBZ Panyabungan (Tapanuli)

The ‘Inlandsch hospitaal’ (Indigenous hospital) of  Panjaboengan (Tapanoeli) was established before 1909, as it was granted subsidy from 1909 according to the subsidy regulations of 1906 (See Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie no. 276 of 1906 (NI Statutebook 276). See also Regeeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch-Indie 1920 (part Grondgebied en bevolking), p. 382. It was a small type of general hospital (GBZ) as the Annexe to the NI Statutebook 13808 of 9 February 1937 only allows for hospital care in class 4 (nursing tariff of f 1,50 per day).

Panjaboengan was situated in the Residency Tapanoeli, Westcoast of Sumatra.