GBZ Purwokerto

In 1918 the indigenous hospital of Poerwokerto (Banjoemas) is mentioned in the Regeeringsalmanak, sub Grondgebied en Bevolking, page 335. This hospital received subsidy according to the regulations of 1906. It was a private hospital.  Some time later this hospital was upgraded to a public civil hospital (GBZ or Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting). It was  closed as a GBZ with Government Decree of 13 May 1927. The closure was effective on 1 October 1924.

Poerwokerto was in the 1930s a regency and subdistrict with a main town of the same name. It was part of the Residency of Banjoemas (province Central Java). The regency had a population of almost 400,000 inhabitants,of whom 883  Europeans and 4,000 Chinese. The town of Poerwokerto was situated on the railroad (Gonggryp 1934, 1178-1179).