GBZ Sidikalang

The Government Decision no. 18 of 7 December 1908 and 19 September 1910 no. 8 mentions the existence of this “Inlandsch hospitaal” at Sidikalang (Tapanuli). In 1937 the status of this hospital has in the meantime improved to a so-called GBZ: Government Civil Hospital. The mentioning is found in the  Addendum no. 13808 to the NI  Statutebook of 9 February 1937. It is still a small hospital that admits only 4th class patients (tariff f 1.50).

See for the location of the hospital the Heading Maps, subheading Maps hospitals 1940.

Sidikalang was in the 1930s the principaltown of the subdepartment Dairi-lands, department Batak lands, Residency Tapanuli ( Gonggryp 1934, 1295).