Hospital Bekasi

The small hospital of Bekasi (Meester Cornelis) was opened in february 1939 by the regent of Mr. Cornelis, Mr. R.A. Koesoemadinata.
The hospital had been initiated by three plantation owners of Tamboen, Gaboes and Teloekpoetjoeng.
The hospital was established in the neighbourhood of the office of the wedana of Bekasi. It was a simple building.
It had a front gallery (waiting room), a treatment room and a ward for in-patients.
A mantri was in charge of the management.

Nowadays the hospital still exists and is called RSUD dr. Chasbullah Abdulmadjid Kota Bekasi.
This name was in honor of a doctor who worked in the hospital during the 1970s.

The present day hospital is owned by the Bekasi City Government and has a in-patient capacity of more than 600 beds.
The medical staff is about 90 persons and the nursing staff over 300 persons. In 2015 the hospital was classified as a category B hospital.
For more information please contact Mr. Ali Anwar (, who wrote a book about the hospital.