Indigenous hospital Bangkalan

The Koloniaal Verslag 1887 (103-104) and Gouvernementsbesluit of 31 December 1886 no. 33 mention the upkeep of a facility to care for victims of serious crimes that had been initiated by the Panembahan of Bangkalan (Madura). A Panembahan (he who will be honored devotely) was the ceremonial title of princes of the Realm Mataram. Later on also used by the regents of Madura and Cirebon. In 1894 a decision was taken to establish a new hospital at Bangkalan (KV 1896). In 1898 the nelarging of this hospital is mentioned in the context of facilities to treat syphilitic women.

Bijblad (Supplement of the NI Statutebook) no. 11446 of 27 August 1927 accords to this hospital the status of a 4th class nursing station (GBZ) that may charge 1.50 guilders per nursing day.

Bangkalan was in the 1930s a regency and district of the Residency Madoera  in the Government East Java. The capital with the same name used to be the seat of the Sultan of Madoera (Gonggryp 1934, 93).