Indigenous hospital Banyumas

The indigenous hospital at Banjoemas (Inlandse ziekeninrichting) was first mentioned in the Koloniaal Verslag of 1876 as one of the hospitals for syphilitic women that needed enlargement.

The Government Decision (J.C. 1925 no. 96) proclaimed that the indigenous hopital at Banjoemas was closed on 26 May 1925.

The hospital was converted into a provincial hospital for Central Java at the same time. For the year 1929 statistical data were published in the Indisch Verslag: on average 115 patients had been treated (capacity 169 beds). The total number of nursing days for the year 1929 was 41,970 and the subsidy for that year was f 33,324 (f 0.79 per day).

Banjoemas (meaning: gold water) was in the 1930s a Residency with a capital of the same name in the province of Central Java. The region had many sugar factories and tobacco plantations.It has a fertile valley alongside the river Serajoe  (Gonggryp 1934, 94).