Indigenous hospital Cianjur

The general indigenous hospital at Tjiandjoer (Preanger) was established in 1900 (Government Decision of 27 December 1900 no. 5). According to the Appendix 11446 of the Statutebook of the Netherlands Indies (30 August 1927), the hospital was entitled to admit patients of three nursing classes: 2nd class (nursing tariff ƒ 6); 3rd class (tariff: ƒ 3) and 4th class (tariff ƒ 1,50).

Tjiandjoer was in the 1930s a regency, district and subdistrict of the Residency Buitenzorg, province of West Java.The Regency had almost 530,000 inhabitants, of whom 900 Europeans and 4,400 Chinese. Cultures: coffee, rice, rubber, tea, kina. The principal town of Tjandjoer is situated on a high plain and enjoys an agreeable climate.

See Map Hospitals 1940 for the location of this hospital.