Indigenous hospital Cilacap

The general public hospital at Tjilatjap (Banjoemas) was established in 1897 (See Statutebook of the Netherlands Indies of 1897 no. 51 and no. 566 of 1905.

According to the Appendix no. 11446 of the NI Statutebook (27 August 1927) the hospital belonged to the smallest category, implying that only patients of 1 nursing class (Class 4 with nursing tariff: ƒ 1,50) could be admitted.

Tjilatjap was in the 1930s a regency , disThe regency had almost 571,000 inhabitants, of whom 1,000 Europeans and 4,300 Chinese. The population has a partly Soedanese, partly Javanese origin. The principal town Tjilatjap was notorious for its malaria. The regency is connecte by tram with the railroad to East and West Java ( Gonggryp 1934, 1421).

See Map Hospitals 1940 for its location.