Indigenous hospital (GBZ) Rembang

The Koloniaal Verslag 1914 mentions the Inlands hospitaal at Rembang (Government Decision of 19 March 1913 no. 41) for the first time. Later regulations of 1927 ( Addendum 11446 of the NI Statutebook) mention the hospital as a 4th class hospital: only patients of the lowest nursing class may be admitted at a day-tariff of f 1.50.

See Grote Atlas van Nederlands  Oost-Indie (Asia Maior/KNAG 2003), p. 308 for a city-plan of Rembang. Number 10 is the ‘Inlands hospitaal’.

In the 1930s Japara-Rembang was a Residency in the province of Central Java with a population of 2 million inha-bitants. The principal town was Pati. The towns of Pati, Koedoes and Rembang are situated on the railroad from Semarang to Soerabaja  (Gonggryp 1934, 497-498).

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