Indigenous hospital (GBZ) Sumedang

The “Inlandsch hospitaal” (GBZ) of Sumedang was established about 1909 in the Priangan region. It was a small public general hospital, meanaing that its staff wasappointed by the NI Government. In later times it was promoted to the status of a Gouvernements Burgerlijk Ziekenhuis (Government Civil Hospital).
The Report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909 mentions that on average 30 patients were admitted.
The Bijblad 11446 (30 August 1927) of the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indië (Supplement to the NI Statutebook) mentions the hospital as one that admits patients in classes 3 (nursing tariff ƒ3) and class4 (nursing tariff ƒ 1.50).

See for the location of this hospital the Heading Maps, subheading Map hospitals 1940.