Indigenous hospital Jambi


Indigenous hospital at Djambi

The indigenous hospital at Djambi was first mentioned in the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie of 11 July 1917,no. 275: This publication mentioned the appointment of an assistant to the activities of the indigenous doctor of the outpatient clinic at Soengei Penoeh (Division Koerintji, Djambi). The assistant received a monthly salary of 15 guilders.

Photo from  collection KITLV. Description: hospital at Djambi. Date: 1918-1923. From album Mrs. Locher-Scholten with text: Offered by the district administration of Kerintji to Mr. H.L.C. Petri, Resident of the region of Djambi. Soengei Penoeh 19 May 1922 (KITLV signature 119940).

In the 1930s Soengaipenoeh was the principal town of the division Kerintji-Painan, Residency Sumatra Westcoast. The town is situated on the upland plain of Kerintji at 750 m above sea level and is characterized by an agreeable cool climate. It is connected by motorroads with the principal surrounding towns and with the Residential capital at Padang.

See Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indie (Asia maior/knag, 2003)  p.172 for a townplan of Soengaipenoeh.

See General hospitals 1940 -Google for a map on which the location of the hospital of Soengai Penuh is indicated.