Indigenous hospital Jatirogo

The annual report of the Civil Medical Service 1909 mentions the existence of an indigenous hospital at Djatirogo. It should be established in 1908. The Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie of 15 January 1908 no. 29 mentions the appointment of a mandoer (monthly salary 15 guilders) and of a servant (monthly salary 10 guilders)  with the Inlandsch ziekengesticht (Indigenous hospital) at Djatirogo.

The Koloniaal Verslag 1925 mentions the closure of the indigenous government hospital at Djatiraga (Residency Rembang) It is published in the Javaansche Courant 1924 no. 33).

Jatirogo was a town in the Residency of Japara-Rembang, situated in the province of Central Java.