Indigenous hospital Pamekasan

The inlands hospital (indigenous hospital) at Pamekasan (Madoera) was founded in 1910 (Governmental Decree of 4th July 1910).

Pamekasan was a Regency with a capital (identical name) of the Residency Madoera of the Province of East Java. The Regency had 365,000 inhabitants. The capital Pamekasan had 18,000 inhabitants, of whom 269 Europeans and 668 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1121).

In 1930 it was converted into a provincial hospital for the province of East Java. It was subsidized in accordance with the regulations for subsidized local hospitals ( Staatsblad NI 1917 no. 229). In its annual report on the year 1930 it reported an average bed occupancy of 78 beds, a subsidy of f 16723 and a number of 28,570 nursing days.